L-ornithine is one of the most effective nutritional supplements in helping with height growth.  

Increases levels of growth-promoting hormones, such as growth hormone and insulin.  

Has the potential to relieve stress and to improve sleep quality related to fatigue, there is a correlation between night-time growth hormone release and sleep satisfaction. 

L-ornithine also lowers levels of cortisol in the blood. Cortisol is a major stress hormone. 

Many consider L-ornithine one of the more potent rejuvenators of all the amino acids. 

L-ornithine is a unique non protein amino acid your body makes naturally, and it’s vital for removing toxins from the liver as part of the urea cycle.  The urea cycle is a process by which wastes (ammonia) are removed from the body. When you consume protein, the body breaks it down into amino acids. Ammonia is produced from leftover amino acids and has to be removed from the body. 




Is one of the few dietary supplements that help promote the release of growth hormone.  

Alongside dietary sources, L-Ornithine supplementation is often recommended to ensure you receive the benefits of this amino acid. 

Orally administered L-ornithine is quickly metabolized in the intestines and then delivered to various tissues, such as the liver, kidney and muscle. 

In the liver, L-ornithine plays a central role in the urea cycle, which converts ammonia to urea. 

This function can enhance detoxification of ammonia in the liver and potentially improve mental and physical performance.  



Ornithine deficiency is possible, though rare. Those who suffer from it don’t have the means in their body to remove toxic nitrogen from the body. This waste can build up and spread throughout the body, causing other systemic issues — mainly liver breakdown or failure, which can have a serious impact on your health. 




L-ornithine is considered safe and non-toxic, with virtually no potential for overdose. 


It is a naturally occurring compound found in the body. There are no known side-effects when taken in the proper doses. 


There are no known drug interactions.