WHO WE ARE As the founders of FAWELO, we have worked for more than 20 years in the field of health and well - being. Since our beginnings with what was our parent company Body Shape Health & Fitness Corp and Body Shape Supplements, we have promoted the importance of livi ng a healthy lifestyle and have taught many of our clients that having a balance between physical health, mental health, good nutrition, and physical activity is possible. Over the years we became parents of 6 children. In our role as parents, we have trie d to apply the knowledge and experience we have in the upbringing, supplementation and nutrition of our children. Why FAWELO? Thankfully we have seen our children grow healthy and strong. It is very rare for them to get sick and without a doubt, good nutrition, supplementation, and the practice of sports that we have instilled in them have been key in this. At home we have from bodybuilders, gymnastics, to basketball players. With the years that we have dedicated to the health industry, we have seen how t he health of children has declined, we see how the children of our relatives get constantly sick and what is more alarming is to see how the numbers of chronic diseases in the Children have skyrocketed compared to the 1980s, where 1 in 50 children had prob lems that ended in chronic illness and today it is 1 in 5 children! We knew we had to act and make our knowledge and passion available to others for those who still can't care for themselves... our little ones! Gathered to structure this great project, i t was time to give it a name, and our 6 - year - old girl came to us and told us that it should be called FAmily WE LOVE... That's how the name FAWELO came about.

Our Mission

We have focused on the nutritional deficiencies of children between 5 and 21 years of age. Our Company creates supplements for each child's specific needs, whether it's growth, Stable energy, Strong bones and teeth,Improved mental health: Makes us think clearly and be more alert, Maintaining a healthy weight, Preventing chronic diseases.

Our Vision

Every child matter... We stand behind our products 100% because we care about our brand, our customers, and the results they will get from using our products. Our children and youth deserve better nutritional options, better care, and more resources to grow stronger, smart er, and healthier. Our philosophy and vision are based on excellence and that is what FAWELO will always offer each one of you     


Love and care our children, physically and mentally. Evolve and progress with integrity and the highest quality.

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