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We Also Take Care of the Parents.

Our passion, Your Family's Happiness

At Fawelo: Where quality intersects with passion, guaranteeing your contentment. Uncover joy for your family through our meticulously selected products, supplements, expert service, and premium ingredients.


Why Choose Us

At Fawelo, we are dedicated to ensuring your family's joy by delivering exceptional products and offering personalized support at every stage. We prioritize quality shipping and maintain a strong commitment to Quality Assurance.

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Swift delivery to satisfy your kids's needs

Quality Assurance

Stringent standards ensure the quality.

Exceptional Support

Exceptional support is our top priority.

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What Our Parents
To Say


Shaun O. (Amazon Vine Customer Review)

I have been looking for something to help my teen kids on those nights when they are having trouble winding down. I really want to get away from strong supplement like Melatonin. This supplement fits the bill well. My kids respond well to it and it even works when they are having growing pains. It's a little expensive but we only use it occasionally and it works well when we need it. Look for coupons to make it a better value. Will buy again.

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Carmen Rey 

I chose I Can Grow after doing a research among similar products because I could see the amount of each of the ingredients it has. It is important to know for sure what he is going to consume and I CAN GROW provided me with a clear and easy to read supplement fact. My son started using it and he feels very good.


Edgard Rosado

My 14 year old son is very excited to have started using I Can Grow, he is following the product recommendations (he is even going to bed earlier). With the list of ingredients it contains, there is no doubt that we will see good results.



I wanted to share our experience with this product that has become a staple in our household for both the young and the not-so-young. My 13-year-old nephew and his 11-year-old brother have been using this product for a week... MORE

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